Language Centre

HELLO in eight different languages

Language Centre

By: elmunir

September 23, 2015

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On the basis of the resolution of the Ministry of  the Higher Education No. 23 in 2008 for establishing Language Centres in the Universities. The resolution No.865 in 2009 was issued to open the tenth Libyan Language Centre in Zliten belonging to Al Asmarya University. This centre aims to :

*Carry out educational aims decided by the Ministry of  the Higher Education in the field of learning language.

*Organize courses for the post graduate Students of the University according to their abilities (three levels) i. e. Beginners , Elementary and Pre intermediate until they get A2 certified. There are two native speakers and seven Libyan assistants preparing themselves for master degrees inside and outside Libya (England).

The Centre is well equipped and furnished with modern facilities. The centre needs more native speakers to cover the whole programmes.