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About Us



Al Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences is one of  higher education institutions in the libya. It is situated in Zliten on the Libyan coast. it was founded on 24th of Ramadan (1404) corresponding to 24 /02 /1995.

The resolution of foundation No. (257) issued from the libyan government  in 27/08/ 1996 and opened for studying at  the beginning of the academic year 1996-1997 with (261) students.


*The care of studying  the Koran and its sciences as it is the syllabus that God has shown to all people  to follow its teachings and instructions which the people  have decided  as the constitution for the Libyan Arab people.

*The  care of Arabic language and its sciences  as it is the language of The Koran.

*Protection of the Islamic faith and defence of it against the prevented movements and false parties.

*To spread the Islamic culture

*To conserve Arab Islamic heritage.

*To supply the Libyan Arab society with Islamic heralds, speakers and teachers who are able to call for Allah through the true Islamic teachings.


*Islamic Sharia and Law

*Principles of Religion

*Arabic Language

*Call ,Imama and Speech

*Islamic and Arabic Studies

*Historical studies