Faculty Of Engineering

Faculty Of Engineering

By: Erhima Muterdy

October 7, 2015

The Faculty of Engineering is proud of its past and present in engineering and applied sciences. The faculty’s goal is to have students graduating as

professional engineers possessing excellent leadership skills in practice and research, which all adds to the development of community.

The faculty is devoted to supply students with outstanding teaching facilities, to improve the professional side of students such as, in analytical thinking and creative goals, and to train students to become highly-qualified engineers who have the employability requirements employers ask for.

The majority of our lecturers are UK graduates with a great under standing in engineering which means they are good enough to deliver best learning. Practical experiences, experiment conducting, IT basics, and technical report writing are just few from what we expect you to gain from your degree. We also give a priority to research where our students get the chance to practice data and information collection, for example, visiting an under-construction multi-storey building to take measures of areas and dimensions for a civil engineering student.

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