Seminars and Conferences


Seminars and Conferences

By: elmunir

October 7, 2015

Besides the academic   affairs , the University has carried  a different culture and scientific activities such as SCIENTIFIC SEMINARS :

*Islam rejects radicalism –from 11 to 13 March 2003.

*The Methods of Sufis in Africa (Its present& future) –from 15 to 17 March 2005.

*The complex problems of practical and philosophical for the punishments in legislation –from 21 to 22 January 2007.

*Al Asmarya Manara from the Mosque to the University –from 11 to 13 November 2008.

*Woman between the legislation requirements and the challenges of the age-from 05 to 06 May 2004.

*The Theoretical and Practical problems of the law No. 10 for the year1984 –from 29 to 30 April 2009.

*The First Meeting of the African Universities which deals  with teaching the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences –from 22 to 24 December 2009.

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