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Faculty of Arabic language and Islamic Studies

-Alasmarya Islamic University-


To be nationally, regionally, and internationally pioneer in higher education and scientific research sectors, according to Arabic Islamic identity.


Preparing academic qualifications in Arabic language and literature, Islamic studies and sciences, history and fundamentals of Islamic civilization, and enriching scientific research to serve the community needs.


    1. Organizing highly academic programs in Arabic language and Islamic and historical studies.
    2. Participating in dissemination of moderate religious culture with no excess or negligence.
    3. Encouraging students to practice speaking standard Arabic language in and outside university in order to maintain the language.
    4. Preparing qualified teaching members and specialists in Arabic language, Islamic studies, history of Islamic civilization to meet the community needs for teaching in both primary and secondary stages.
    5. Establishing the origin of research culture and raising the level of research throughout preparing qualified teaching members to solve community issues and offer consultations to individuals and institutions.
    6. Contributing in preserving historical, Islamic, and linguistic heritage, and conducting studies and research in manuscripts, recourses and documents according to scientific research methodology.
    7. Improving educational and learning process inside the institution through applying modern teaching methods using high technical ways.
    8. Developing the library to be in line with recent advances, as well as providing it with the latest references and resources and establishing electronic and audible library which positively serve scientific research.
    9. Establishing future plans to improve the faculty academically and administratively according to quality standards, and creating relationships with other national, regional, and international universities.
    10. Discovering students’ talents and their capacity for innovation throughout seminars and cultural events.