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Faculty of Arts

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(Better education for a better future)


Faculty of arts is a scientific edifice in Libyan higher education which endeavors to comprise learners from all various segments of society. Also, it provides students with needed opportunities to acquire knowledge based on scientific principles in human sciences through providing distinct education, which motivates students to think critically as well as improve their sense of responsibility, conducting remarkable research in humanities and arts, and contributing to the preservation of identity of Islamic society and improve their culture.

Scientific Sections

The College currently has nine sections:
1.Department of Arabic Language and Literature.
2.Department of Standard Language.
3.Department of Philosophy.
4.Department of Sociology.
5.Department of History.
6.Department of Psychology.
7.Department of Education.
8.Department of French Language


  1. Creating academic environment for students and improving it according to educational quality standards.

Encouraging students to acquire principles of scientific research, think creatively, and enhancing their knowledge

Providing researching and consulting services to all society institutions.

Enhancing network relationships with national and international educational institutions.

Raising social awareness, reminding individuals with their social roles, and taking a positive attitude towards globalization which serves society issues and maintain its customs and values.

Establishing postgraduate programs that based on existing scientific research as well as qualifying high quality researchers

Enriching cultural and intellectual life of the society through authoring, translating, publishing, conferences, media, and educational programs.

Taking an active leadership role in Zliten city in solving society problems which is relevant to faculty departments.

Training graduates and the interested by refining their skills, abilities, and experiences to be successful and ready for future labor market needs.

Working on achieving all the previous goals through consistent development for programs and study plans, as well as connecting scientific disciplines with labor market needs and conducting applied sciences that serve society and improve environment not to mention participating students in community’s activities.

Section activities

Several different sports activities such as competitions in which students and employees compete in a high spirit of sport amid a rivalry Sharif. Winners of these activities were honored.
Organizing several cultural lectures and scientific seminars.