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Faculty of Commerce and Islamic Economics-Misalata

-Alasmarya Islamic University-


Creating educational environment that embody the principles of distinction and integrity

Ensuring gaining investment returns in education sector.

Implanting the initiative spirit of students to be creative learners as well as to broaden their horizons.

Adherence to national and international standards and accreditation in educational process.


Applying national and international educational quality standards to participate in achieving the developments that go in line with Islamic standards

Through various scientific programs, the faculty aims to:

1. Graduating specialized and qualified students in management, finance and economics according to Islamic vision so that participate in developing public and private institutions.
2. Developing individuals’ abilities and intellectual property as well as improving their skills in order to be self-lifelong motivated learners.
3. Conducting scientific research and studies based on economic development strategies.
4. Retraining employees who work in various professional careers to be skillful and enable them to cope with the global consistent technical developments, especially skills that go in line with Islamic laws.

This college has provided a curriculum in the preparation of vocabulary items in all its sections. The College has opened its doors in the reception of students wishing to study in the following sections :-

  • Islamic Economics Department.
  • Department of Accounting.
  • Business Administration Department.
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Department.
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