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Faculty of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

-Alasmarya Islamic University-


prestigious and distinguished faculty that is comparable to its local and international counterparts in oral and dental medicine and surgery.

Registered Office

The College Registration Office will receive the new students and complete their acceptance procedures in terms of verifying that the conditions and documents required for admission and registration are met and that registration numbers and cards are issued. The Department of the Registrar is divided into several departments, namely the Admissions and Registration Department, the Student Activity Department, the Graduates Section, the Educational Methods Section, and the Social Services Department.

Department of study and examinations

The Department of Study and Examinations at the College supervises the results, monitors grades and calculates the quarterly and cumulative rates of students. The department also supervises the examination and monitoring committees in addition to running the system of registration, study and examinations at the college. The Department coordinates between the scientific departments in the development of study schedules and cover the joint decisions of faculty members. One of the tasks of the department is in the transfer requests between the departments as well as requests for transfer to the college from other colleges and universities. It is also a task of the department to prepare listshe names of the students and the extraction of their tariff cards as well as the organization of schedules and examination schedules and halls as well as the distribution of monitoring examinations in coordination with the scientific sections. The Department of Studies and Examinations also prepares reports on the progress of studies and examinations


A prestigious and distinguished faculty that is comparable to its local and international counterparts in oral and dental medicine and surgery

 The faculty aims to 

1) Prepare dentists with a high level of educational, professional, and behavioral skills in the field of dentistry.
2) Improve the quality of health services for oral and dental surgery.
3) Aim to raise the level of graduates and prepare cadres specialized in all areas of oral and dental surgery through training courses and postgraduate studies.
4) Enrich scientific research in oral and dental surgery.
5) Build bridges of academic and research cooperation and communicate with the corresponding faculties nationally and internationally

Specialized scientific sections

There are scientific departments in the college but they have not yet done so, because there are not enough faculty members and there is no suitable place to contain the scientific departments:

Installation Section.

Orthodontics Department.

Department of Preventive Dentistry and Community Medicine

Department of Conservative treatment.

Department of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, Radiology and Oral Diseases.

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Department of Pediatrics.

Department of Oral Biology.

Department of gum treatment.

The service objective of the college

The consultation clinics for oral and dental surgery are aimed at the presence of a number of specialist doctors from inside and outside Libya in this center to provide the opportunity to compensate the severe decline in the city of Misrata from the dental specialist, in addition to the use of them in the diagnosis and treatment of some incurable and rare cases also cooperate with health centers In and out of the city through reception and referral cases to take medical advice from specialists in clinics, and exchange of experiencesAnd information with similar centers in addition to the treatment of some intractable cases in cooperation with the city hospitals under general or partial anesthesia.
Consultancy clinics for oral and dental medicine also contribute to the preparation of statistics, scientific studies and research on the cases treated within these clinics, and to make field visits to the educational institutions to provide dental care and dental care to its students, such as providing dental consultation clinics to the citizens free of charge..

Academic goal of the College

The consulting clinics aim to train the students inside. The faculty has cooperated with the university to provide specialized teachers from inside and outside Libya. Visiting professors were brought from Egypt, the Republic of Tunisia, as well as from Ajman and Britain.
As well as professors from within Libya to train students in the clinical stage and excellence..