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Faculty of Education

-Alasmarya Islamic University-


The faculty prepares specialized and efficient educational cadres and qualifies them to meet the needs of educational institutions of different specializations. Such professionals are equipped with all technical means in the field of teaching and learning so that they are able to compete in the labour market and to carry out scientific research that contributes to the development of society


The faculty of education aims to be one of the leading academic institutions in development, and to achieve a distinct scientific position and compete at the national, Arab, and regional levels, particularly in the areas of preparation of educational staff, the development of the educational process, and strengthening community services through various activities and scientific research to contribute to the sustainable development of society

The faculty aims to:
1) Contribute to the development of the educational process in the stages of education in all aspects and increase its effectiveness through organizing seminars and specialized conferences which address problems and obstacles experienced throughout the educational process.
2) Develop the faculty in both educational and technical aspects.
3) Raise the adequacy of the faculty members in accordance with the university aims.
4) Increase the awareness of the importance of quality and how it can be applied.
5) Attain academic accreditation of the faculty and its educational programs.
6) Achieve academic growth among teaching staff members.
7) Communicate with the local community councils to meet the needs of the faculty and society in order to achieve quality.
8) Assist faculty departments and units to achieve the principle of quality at work and service.
9) Develop faculty plans and programs in various stages.
10) Gain community confidence in the faculty’s output.