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Faculty of Engineering

- Alasmarya Islamic University -


To be recognized, nationally and internationally in the engineering field and to be the apex of the educational and cultural edifice in higher education.

The office welcomes the new students and register them according to the faculty’s requirements. The register office includes secondary offices such as registration and acceptance office,  student activities office, graduation office,  teaching aids office , and social services.

This department concerns with the exams supervision, results and use a grading system to devise students’ GPA (Grade Point Average). In addition, this office supervises the examinations and registration office. It also cooperates with the scientific departments to prepare the study timetable and to make sure that all the curricula are covered by qualified lecturers. The department helps the students who would like to transfer into the faculty (either from within Alasmarya university or from other universities). This department provides students with ID. cards and  writes down the reports about teaching and learning process.

The Mission

  • The faculty motivates students to gain and elicit the spirit of acquiring knowledge.
  • The faculty seeks to shape the students’ engineering personality traits, creativity, and leadership skills.
  • The faculty implants the spirit of engineering in students to enable them solve practical issues within quality education criteria, professional behaviour, and enhance society moral values.
  • The faculty aims to graduate professional engineers with high level of professional manners.
  • It contributes in creating a flourishing society through maintaining close partnerships with the community.


  • Graduate qualified engineers to be able to compete nationally and internationally.
  • Provide appropriate educational environment to maintain high academic standards.
  • Adopt scientific and effective academic program.
  • Ensure that course goals and objectives match study programs.
  • Update of college courses continuously to keep up with the latest scientific developments.
  • Meet the needs of community and labor market
  • Improve teaching staff’s abilities and bring highly qualified lecturers.
  • Improve all faculty staff’s skills.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
  • Computing and Electrical Engineering

About the faculty 

The faculty of Engineering is one of the main faculties in this distinctive university. It is established as an expansion of the university to include applied sciences in addition to its Islamic nature. There are four main departments, and the faculty aims to establish other departments in the near future according to the community needs and the university vision.

Office of Quality and Evaluation of Performance

This office concerns with applying conditions and standers of quality as other Libyan universities which are graded by the National Centre for Quality Assurance. This can be conducted throughout consistent revision to the criteria. The office also puts plans and the required strategies to achieve the quality programs and the faculty goals. One of the office strategies is to outline the schedules and put strategies which meet faculty goals and vision. Moreover, it prepares documents of learning programs and syllabus, as well as it periodically revises the rules and regulation of the faculty, and students and teaching staff’s files. In addition, it prepares surveys and questionnaires for students, faculty staff, teaching assistants, lab technicians and employees to improve the learning and teaching process, and enhance their awareness about the importance of quality. The office organizes workshops and prints leaflets to be distributed to all faculty staff.

Admission requirements

– All applicants must hold secondary school certificate from a Libyan secondary school or a level of education equivalent to it and officially credited.
– Students must be registered as full-time.
– All applicants must be in a good health mentally and physically in order to be able to attend both theoretical and practical lectures.
– All applicants who hold a secondary certificate two years prior to the date of registration are not accepted.
– All applicants must have the required percentage determined by the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education.
– All applicants must have good values and manners.
– All applicants must pass the admission test.
– All applicants should abide by the faculty rules and regulations that are usually issued annually.
– For foreign students, they must have legal stay in Libya during their study.
– Foreign students must adhere to university regulations regarding study fees and living expenses.
– All applicants must follow all faculty and university terms and conditions.