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Faculty of Sciences

- Alasmarya Islamic University -


(Better education for a better future)


  1. 1. Teaching the syllabus for basic and advanced sciences in undergraduate studies “Bachelor” in departments of (physics, mathematics, chemistry, botany, zoology, statistics, and computer) in faculty, as well as academic assistance with counterparts in faculties of basic sciences in other Libyan universities..
  2. 2. Updating the high studies program (Master) in some faculty departments. Also, the faculty prepares primary and advanced curricula in higher studies.
  3. 3. Meeting the national and regional labor market needs and adherence to Islamic values and Libyan society customs.
  • 4.Participating in and developing society service through providing the society with studies and vision to overcome some Libyan society problems which concern with nature and industry by applying scientific research skills.
  • 5. Developing students’ skills of invention and research, as well as providing the interactive learning environment which encourages consistent academic interaction between students and lecturers.

Study system

The College currently tracks the open semester system by two semesters per year (Fall and Spring).


The Faculty of Sciences endeavors to achieve the following goals:


Offering technical and scientific services in various fields for both public and private sectors.

Encouraging teaching staff members and students to conduct research and participate in conferences and scientific seminars.

Supporting relations of scientific communication with various society organizations and institutions to exchange scientific experiences.

Providing convenient academic environment and services to teaching staff members and students.

Communicating with the community through exchanging experiences and presenting scientific lectures of basic sciences and providing consultation in teaching and education sector in particular.

Communicating with academic and research institutions such as universities, scientific journals, and research centers through preparing and participating in symposiums, scientific conference, and publishing scientific articles.

Updating faculty’s academic curricula to ensure the quality and effectiveness which guarantee the communication between theory and practice, and looking forward to reach global levels throughout updating curriculum.

Promoting faculty teaching members’ performance, and creating a culture of quality and continuous development.

Establishing faculty self-resources through offering technical and scientific services to support the educational and research process.

The activities of the various sports activities such as the competitions in which students and staff compete in a high spirit of sport amid the rivalry Sharif. The winners were honored in these activities. Organizing several cultural lectures and scientific seminars.