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Faculty of Sharia Sciences – Mislata

-Alasmarya Islamic University-


The Faculty of Sharia Sciences is located in the city of Maslata in the center of the region next to the Sheikh’s Lighthouse  Where the College was established on the basis of the decision of Assistant Secretary for Services (375) for the year 1430 AD Exercise its jurisdiction And shall be subject to the curricula of the corresponding colleges. and on This foundation initiated the college to receive students as of the academic year: 2000/2001 To be doneبتحقيق الأهداف التي تضمن استمراريتها And its effective role in preserving the Holy Quran And Islamic sciences in all its branches and the preservation of the Arabic language as well as Kiva And commitment to intellectual, religious and political affiliation


Through this, it becomes clear that the most important objectives that the college seeks to achieve are:-

    • Participating in the achievement of the general objectives of the Islamic University of Alasmarya.
    • Publishing new scientific research that serves society and the interested.
    • Providing society with specialist in the sciences and interpretations of the Holy Quran, Sunnah, Islamic faith, Islamic jurisprudence and fundamentals, Arabic language and literature and legal sciences.
    • Disseminating moderate thought, with no excess or negligence, in a combination of originality and modernity.
    • Providing appropriate solutions to society issues throughout holding symposiums, conferences, and presentations.
    • Sharing experiences nationally and internationally via organizing lectures, symposiums and visits

This college has provided a curriculum in the preparation of vocabulary items in all its sections. The College has opened its doors in the reception of students wishing to study in the following sections :-

      • Sharia Section.
      • Sharia and Law Section.
      • Department of the fundamentals of religion.
      • the department of Arabic language.
      • Department of Advocacy and Imamat.
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