Engineering is a dynamic science that is developing at high speed. Therefore, specialists in engineering fields, whether academic or industrial, need to keep up to date of the latest developments. Scientific conferences provide engineers in their various fields with knowledge, the latest advisory research and innovative skills.    

     Conferences provide an opportunity for engineers to meet with their colleagues nationally and internationally. Among these conferences held in Libya is the Scientific Conference for Engineering Sciences and Technology, which is held annually to gather experts, researchers and academics related to the fields of engineering to exchange innovative ideas and experiences in their fields. The first session of the conference was held at the Qarabouli Engineering Faculty, Elmergib University (CEST-2018). The second session of the conference took place in 2019 at The Faculty of Engineering, Sabrata University, and the third session was held at Alkoms Engineering Faculty, Elmergib University in 2020.

      The Faculty of Engineering at the Al-Asmarya Islamic University in Zliten accepted the offer of organizing and supervising the fourth session of the Conference on Engineering and Technical Sciences (CEST-2021). The Faculty will invite all academics, engineers, technicians and everyone related to engineering fields to participate in the event from 14 to 16 December 2021 under the slogan “Innovation – Creativity – Development”. In recognition of the current situation of the era of COVID-19, the scientific program of the conference will include both presentations in person and participation online, and the presentations will be using the Microsoft Teams platform. The conference team hopes that all experts, researchers and academics related to engineering fields seize the opportunity to visit the city of science Zliten, and attend this scientific event to participate and to publish their research papers.


Conference vision:

The conference seeks to gather researchers from different disciplines to discuss topics and aspects of the various engineering and technical fields. The aim is to propose solutions to various problems facing industrial and technical processes, as well as to spread the values of scientific research and exchange of experiences.


Conference Objectives:

Scientific conferences are significantly important for creating a forum to bring together those interested in scientific research and investigators from a variety of backgrounds to test new ideas, and bring clarity to research problems. Especially since the engineering disciplines covered by the conference have a great impact on our lives at the local and international levels. Therefore, the objectives of this conference are summarized as follows:

  • Encouraging faculty members in universities, researchers in various research centers and technical training centers to develop their capabilities in scientific research, each in his field of specialization.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the scientific departments of the faculties of engineering in the various universities and the scientific research centers.
  • Creating new research areas for university students of postgraduate programs in the disciplines covered by the conference.
  • Strengthening the relationship between higher educational and industrial institutions and developing administrative and engineering projects within.
  • Supporting the role of engineering sciences and their applications in serving the community and solving its problems.

Target audience and participation:

  • Professors of universities with engineering majors.
  • Professors of higher engineering and technical centers and institutes.
  • Postgraduate students in engineering and technical fields.
  • Research communities in all fields of engineering.
  • Employees of oil companies, public factories, and electricity and energy companies.
  • Heads of departments of some industrial operations and special technical activities.

Important Dates:

1. Open for full paper submission 2021/06/01
2. Deadline for full paper submission 2021/09/15
3. Acceptance notification 2021/10/15
4. Open for registration 2021/10/15
5. Deadline for full paper corrections 2021/11/15
6. Conference dates 2021/12/16-14

Conference Date